Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boyfriend Jeans: Now That's A Trend I Can Get Behind

by Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff

[Rachel is founding editor of MommyGreenest]

Can you wear boyfriend jeans after age 30? That’s a question I asked myself recently. The answer? Maybe if I had a boyfriend to borrow them from—my husband’s jeans are a little tight.

I think the idea is that your boyfriend jeans are loose and broken down so you can kind of wrap them around your ankles in that devil-may-care, I-can-rock-anything-with-high-heels kind of attitude.

I tried the husband jeans. They were a little snug across the derriere. Maybe devil-may-care comes with slightly longer legs and significantly less ass. Or maybe I just need a fatter husband.

But I like the trend of boyfriend jeans. It’s recycling in action—if you do it properly. And this reducing and reusing stuff is important when it comes to clothes, if you consider that textiles account for nearly four million tons of solid waste every year, or four percent of the content of our landfills.

Back in the day, we used to scour vintage clothing stores to score the perfect pair of broken-in Levi’s 501s. Now, we pay top-dollar for manufacturers to dump chemicals into washes that eat away at the denim until it rips and tears just like life used to do. (Not to mention the two-thirds of pesticides that went into the cotton that made that fabric in the first place.)

Find out how, with a little know-how and ingenuity (not to mention significantly less cash), you can still score a genuine, planet-saving pair of broken-in jeans, by reading more at www.MommyGreenest.com

Boyfriend optional.


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